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space tarot

Handmade. Independently published. 

a complete 78-card illustrated tarot deck with a companion booklet. built for warm, evocative readings with a personal touch.

To me, personal space is a way to carve out my own place in tarot. 

Personal Space Tarot was first grown from disinterest in the gendered and heteronormative artwork and themes commonly present in tarot.

As an illustrator from a background in art history and visual analysis, I built a deck with limited palettes and stylized motifs to enable the viewer, reader, or whomever to infer more of a personal meaning into the cards.

Without so many blatantly human figures, without prescribing the gender binary upon each card, tarot can be a healing experience that allows a more diverse audience to be represented among the images and themes. It provides personal space, however you may need it.

After a successful Kickstarter in August 2017, Personal Space Tarot is in a phase of realignment & restructuring. Please be patent as we figure out the best way to keep the handmade & indie integrity of the deck in the most cost-effective way for everyone!


Store info coming soon...