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PREORDER- The zine will be sent to print this week, please allow up to 2-3 weeks for printing and shipping.

Estimated shipping date July 20 (approx.)



Lunatics Zine is a collaboration between Abby Brenker of Films About Lunatics (@filmsaboutlunatics) and Emilee Graverson of Personal Space Press (@personalspacepress).


This is a multidisciplinary zine of poetry, photography, illustration, prose, horrorscopes, and more!


Featuring the work of contributors:

-Emilee Graverson

-Michaela Papa

-Cara Sennott

-Andrea Soule

-Eileen Klugh

-Aida Cheng

-Betsy Hillstead

-Abby Brenker


Volume 1: WATER explores the hidden depths of one of nature's most fickle elements. Powerful, cyclical, and unpredictable, this life-sustaining force flows throughout this project in ways that connect, discect, and mitigate. 



Lunatics is quarterly zine surrounding a unifying theme. We are always looking for collaborators and contrubutors. To contribute to an upcomming issue, stay connected with us on social media (@filmsaboutlunatics) and watch our horror shorts on YouTube!



Lunatics Volume 1: WATER