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1.5" Hard Enamel Gold Pin based on VII The Archer (Chariot) in Personal Space Tarot Deck.


More about The Archer:


In our Personal Space deck, The Archer takes the place of The Chariot. Our Archer, ambitious and strong-willed, holds a steady and optimistic gaze that focuses on the end goal rather than all the obstacles that might appear in-between. Whether you've just started working towards a goal, or are feeling a bit stuck lately, take a note from The Archer and don't let the bullshit get you down. 


Reversed, The Archer encourages you to take time to explore the nature of control in our lives. You might feel that you've lost a certain sense of purpose or control over the everyday, but sometimes when we struggle or push ourselves too much it can lead to an exhaustion that only makes following your arrow more difficult. This reversed card asks "What are the things in your life that you feel like you CAN control? What happens if we just breath a let things that we can't control fade to the background a little?" Over time, you might find that focusing on little tasks helps you get right back on your journey. 


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The Archer Enamel Pin